Customs changes to ISF filing effective Jan 10 2015

US Customs has announced that effective Jan 10 2015 the option to file ISF data that is past the deadline without a single ISF bond will be discontinued.

The deadline to file the ISF data with Customs is:
No less than 24 hours prior to lading of the cargo on a vessel destined for the United States.

Customs will require that all late ISF filings be covered by a valid bond unless exemptions apply.

Cargo types that are exempt from ISF bonding are:

-Household goods / Personal Effects
-Government / Military goods
-Diplomatic cargo
-Carnet cargo
-International Mail imports
-Cargo eligible for informal entry

Our surety agent has been accepting a properly executed GIA (General Indemnity Agreement) as a requirement to issue a bond against a late filed ISF.

It is highly important that ISF data be provided timely so that the ISF may be filed prior to the deadine set by Customs.

CSMS# 14-000637 - Updated Elimination of Late filed ISF transmissions
12/11/2014 10:15 AM EST
This is an update to CSMS #14-000636 regarding the elimination of late filed ISF submissions. All dates should read January 10, 2015. Updated message listed below: Effective January 10, 2015, late ISF submissions will no longer be exempt from the bond requirement and most ISF transactions will require a bond when they are filed. To avoid delay or examination upon arrival, importers should ensure that bonds are in place to cover the ISF transaction prior to the cargo being loaded on the vessel destined for the United States. To electronically enforce this requirement, ISF Types 5 and 6 (Late ISF-10- No Bond and Late ISF-5- No Bond, respectively) will no longer be accepted as of January 10, 2015. Updated IG documentation will be published to the CBP website shortly and has been attached to this message.